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General / Expansion/Variant Contest
« on: March 21, 2014, 06:30:47 AM »
Good day all,

Id like to propose a contest here in the forums. Nothing like a little competition to get some more exposure for your work, right?

Any expansion author can submit one of their expansions or variants to the contest. Then, all entrants vote for their favorite among those who entered.

Let me know thoughts on this, and if there is any interest. THanks.

Sample Submission Rules:
~~Any Expansion or Variant on the Carcassonne base game is eligible.
~~Only one expansion or variant per author
~~Your expansion or variant must be uploaded to the DOWNLOADS section of CC by or before the entry cutoff (4/9/2014)
~~To enter, reply to this thread with the url of your expansion or variant.
~~By entering, you are agreeing to view the other submitted entries, leave a comment on each in the DOWNLOADS section, and vote for your top entries
~~On 4/10/2014, entries close and voting begins

Sample Voting Rules:
Welcome, and good luck. Please read all guidelines carefully. This contest is intended to promote feedback exchange. THanks in advance for participating.

~~Vote by replying to this thread with your five favorites in order:
1st choice- 5 points
2nd place- 4 points
3rd place- 3 points
4th place- 2 points
5th place- 1 point.

~~Youre not allowed to vote for your own entry.
~~Once youve posted a vote, youre not allowed to change it.
~~Voting continues until the cut-off (4/30/2014 in this case).
~~Non-Entrants may vote. That vote only counts if the non-entrant leaves feedback comments on all entries of the contest.
~~By entering, you are agreeing to read and comment on all the other entries and vote.
~~Anyone who enters but does not both comment on all entries and vote by the end of the month is disqualified. All points will be forfeited in this case.

~~In the event of a tie, the entry with the most first place votes wins.
If its still tied, the parody with the most second place votes wins. and so on
If the points total and votes are identical, it will be left as a legitimate tie

Reviews & Session Reports / Rating System for Reviews, by BIG GUY
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:50:47 AM »
Good day all,

Here are several thoughts I have on a new Rating System for expansions. Ive also started reviewing different expansions using it as examples. Ive been inspired by Wickes efforts over the past few months as he continues to organize all the expansions and variants into his spreadsheet. He was kind enough to forward me a version of his spreadsheet a few months ago, which sparked the ideas below.

Reviewed Expansions in this Thread:
----RATINGS----Expansion Name----
1) A-5-5-5--Carcassonne, the Base Game--
2) A-5-5-5--(Fan-Made) Wells,
by Meepleater--
3) D-5-3-4--(Fan-Made) Forests,
by Scott and Novelty--
4) B-5-4-5--Inns & Cathedrals--
5) C-4-2-3--The Tower--
6) B-5-5-5--(Fan-Made) Fortune Teller,
by JPutt927--
7) B-4-5-4--(Fan-Made) Animal Farm,
by Carcking--
8) B-5-2-3--(Fan-Made) Family Feud,
by Frederick Renaud, with assistance from Novelty--
9) B-3-2-2--(Fan-Made) Noblemen,
by Wicke (Patrik Wikstrom)--
10) A-4-5-5--(Fan-Made) The House of Valois,
by Wicke (Patrik Wikstrom)--
11) C-4-5-4--(Fan-Made) Wanderer and Mayors Office,
by Leven--
12) C-4-2-3--The Princess & The Dragon--
13) B-5-3-4--(Fan-Made) The Abbot,
by BT--
14) B-5-4-4--Cult Places/Shrines, from CULT,SIEGE&CREATIVITY--
15) B-4-3-3--Siege Tiles, from CULT,SIEGE&CREATIVITY--
16) C-4-4-4--(Fan-Made) The Invaders,
by Derek Whaley (Whaleyland)--
17) E-3-2-2--(Fan-Made) The Marshes,
by Trebuchet--
18) C-4-3-4--(Fan-Made) The Missionary,
by Chris Korfmann--
19) B-5-5-5--(Fan-Made) Breweries,
by Meepleater--
20) B-5-4-4--(Fan-Made) Farmer in the Dell,
by Carcking and Others--

Rating system:

INVASIVENESS (scored A-B-C-D-E) - How much does the expansion change the base rules.
--some items to consider here: total types of tile sides, total types of features, tile shape(s) [lol, if we ever implement triangles], total meeple types, total additional tiles, length of additional rules documents, etc...
-A Minimally invasive. No or only minor rule changes (only one turn phase affected), no new features, meeples or tile sides. [example: WELLS, as a well isn't technically a new feature, just as a pennant isn't a feature].
-B Minor or medium rule changes (one or two turn phases affected, minimal MOVING OF THE WOOD changes). One new feature or meeple. Other minor additions related to scoring. No new tile sides or shapes. Multiple new tiles needed.
-C Medium rule changes. MOVING OF THE WOOD changes. New features or new meeples. Possible new tile side types. Possibly dozens of new tiles needed. More than one turn phase affected by rule changes.
-D Medium or major rule changes. Several new features or meeples. Most likely new tile sides, or new shapes. Many new tiles needed.
-E Major rule changes, all turn phases and/or options affected. New tile sides, features, meeples, etc... (Example: OCEANS)

QUALITY (Scored 1-5) - What is the quality of the tile images and rules documents, and are there gaps in the printed rules that leave room for assumption in certain scenarios?

FUN (Scored 1-5) -Subjectively, how fun is the expansion for you or others you play with?

OVERALL (Scored 1-5) -Combining subjective and objective, how would you rate this expansion overall?

General / Song Parody Request Thread (Must be Carcassonne Related)
« on: July 25, 2013, 05:54:56 AM »
Good day all,

Carcassonne Parodies written so far:
-Carcassonne to Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias

One of my other hobbies besides Carcassonne is song parody writing and I've penned over 175 on my page at

Post any parody requests here, and I'll see what I can do when I have time. I'll need the original song you want parodied (or a few if you like), the artist behind that song, and a few of your favorite elements in Carcassonne. I don't want to write a parody all about KNIGHTS when you're favorite follower is the MONK, or other silliness like that.

Anything Else / for my birthday
« on: June 29, 2013, 07:31:59 PM »
Good day all. Recently got bootk  for my birthday. Cant wait to try it out.

May be a few months though. Last week I became a daddy! Hes the most beautiful boy ive ever seen. And he his birthday I only 11 days after mine. Yay june

Reviews & Session Reports / Wednesday Session with TOWER NCV
« on: May 09, 2013, 06:33:42 AM »
Back for more, my wife was up for another game this week. Here's the line-up:

-Base Game
-River/River 2
-base tiles from T&B and A&M
-The Tower (using NCV rules)

Final Score:
-Me (Black): 258
-Wife (Blue): 264

In addition to TOWER NCV rules (rev 0.7), we played with my wifes idea, where the 'owner of a tower scores 1 point for each segment in the tower any time that a feature is scored by an opponent that includes the tile containing that tower. We played that this applies for all features and that it applied at end-of-game too.

My wife and I initially tied at end-game, with 258 points each, but then I noticed those two 3-section towers owned by my wife (in the pictures below) were bordering on fields that I'd just scored with a farmer. +6 points to my wife for the WIN!

The ability to score points for tower segments when others complete features really energizes the game, and I'm planning on officially including these rules when I get a chance. I got 9 extra points for taking ownership of a tower that was in range of 3 features that belonged to my wife: 2 cloisters and a road.

I also had the chance to use 4RM for the first time to 'get back' one of my Lookouts. There was 1 tower segment in his tower, and the tower tile was completely surrounded, so I scored 10 points and got my follower back. The current rules allow for this to be done at any time, so i didn't have to burn a 'moving of the wood' action to use it. I can see now how unbalanced scoring a farmer would be using this method. When I update the rules next, I'll adjust this to scale down the points per city attached to the field.

Will post photos now.

Finally got a chance to play a bit with the wife. Here's what we used:

-Base game
-The Tower (using Non-Capture Variant rules)
-Base tiles from T&B and A&M

We usually start with River 2, but skipped it for the sake of brevity.

She won with 179 vs my 157. She scored a large field at the game-end with over 10 cities AND 10 Tower Points in addition.
I was busy testing Tower mechanics and neglected the field entirely, which always bites you in the end.

My wife was initially disoriented by the Tower NCV rules, but picked them up rather quickly. We both enjoyed the play mechanics this game. I received around 15 tower points over the course of the game, she received around 20.

My wife had a great idea to allow the owner of a tower to score 1 point for each tower segment in the tower when an opponent scores a feature including the tower's tile. I'm brainstorming now, but I like the extra dimension this adds and may include it as a standard rule.

We both used RM, and the majority of the time it was to 'redraw' a tile when the initial one drawn wasn't what we wanted. She used this very effectively with the builder to get several great placements in a row. I bought two extra turns over the course of the game and used my builder as well, which felt good.

I'll keep everyone posted and post pictures soon.

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