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I never played at Carcassonne, but I would buy to play with my friends who are young still.
But I do not want to buy the basic version, I would buy a more complete version (with the expansions) ie, the Big Box.
But I hesitate which of them: Big Box 4 (Carcassonne Plus 2012) or Big Box 5 (Carcassonne Plus 2014).
I read that said the Big Box 5 was lower than the Big Box 4 because it was bringing less tiles and all miniexpansiones were removed, and the best thing is that you could play with up to 8 players. Although I only need to play with 3 or 4 people (with me we are 5) who are a more cohesive group that we almost always have to meet in the same place.
Well, you tell me what are the PROS and CONS of Carcassonne Big Box 4 (Carcassonne Plus 2012) and Big Box 5 (Carcassonne Plus 2014). And also tell me which of the two should I buy.

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