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The Marketplace / Thinking about selling (unplayed) spin-offs
« on: May 30, 2017, 09:23:54 AM »
So, lately I've been contemplating selling off spin-offs I never play or have only played 5 times or less. And some expansions/promos I have double and are still sealed/unpunched. But I question if I should put them on BGG or ebay and what they'd be worth...

I'd like to list what I have here first, mainly for help as to what something might be worth or to give Carc-fans first dibs, as I'd rather not deal with Ebay/Paypal.

If this is not the correct sub-forum for this, I apologize and would like to request to have it moved to its proper forum.

So, here's what I have that I might sell (from the top of my head):

- The Discovery (999 Games, Dutch version, played once)
- Mayflower (999 Games, Dutch version, played 5 times or less)
- The Ark of The Covenant (Scandinavion version, bought directly from publisher - Ludinaute? - played twice - included cardboard ark and a non-official wooden ark)
- The City: 2010 Edition (Rio Grande English version, played once)
- Carcassonne: Dice Game (999 Games, Dutch version, played once)
- Cardcassonne (999 Games, Dutch version, played 5 times or less)
- Gold Rush + Sheriff promo (Z-Man Games, English version, played once)
- Amazonas (999 Games, Dutch version, played once)
- Wheel of Fortune (HiG, German version, opened but unpunched/unplayed)

- Die Belager (unpunched/unplayed)
- Corn Cirles for Winter Edition (unpunched/unplayed)

- lots of meeples (red/blue/yellow/black/grey/green/pink/purple)

Any help would be appreciated, or feel free to make one or multiple offers...  :blue-meeple:

If needed, games can be picked up in Rotterdam/Dordrecht in The Netherlands.
I will be in Florida for a month later this year.
I will be attending Spiel 2017 on Thursday.

I'm keeping South Seas, The Castle, Winter Edition and Hunters & Gatherers as those get occiasionally played or are still somewhat fun when played.

The Marketplace / WTT or buy: ABBOT meeples in special colors
« on: April 24, 2017, 05:33:55 PM »
Might be a long shot I realise, but if anyone knows where I could get the Abbot meeples in white, pink, purple, brown, grey and orange it would be much appreciated. I know has 2 or 3 of those, but rather get the set from one place. Or, if someone has a set (or spare) they'd be willing to part with... I could pay for it or trade for a Spiel '14 tile.


General / Question about different colored meeples
« on: June 30, 2016, 07:28:39 AM »
So, about two years ago, maybe three already, I bought 6 new sets of meeples from Cundco, I believe.

These were new colored sets with all the extra meeples, including robber and messenger and such.
The colors were Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple, Unpainted, White.

About a year ago, I suddenly noticed there were again 6 new colored meeples, but didn't purchase them and forgot about them.
The colors were Lavender, Lime Green, Salmon, Sky Blue, Tan, Turqoise.

Were these ever released through Cundco and also as a complete set with ALL meeples? Or did that never happen?
I seem to remember there were complete sets, but know I think I might be wrongly remembering things.
I found these colors on Meeplesource but just the regular meeples, no special figures.

Other Games / Help needed from someone from the UK
« on: July 26, 2015, 12:03:43 PM »

Hi, I need help from someone from the UK.

I've been looking for a boardgame to surprise my partner with on our anniversary and have already been looking for years for it, but it's Always too expensive or too damaged.

Now, there is a (used) copy on Ebay, but it's still in great shape (I think) judging by the 2 photos. However, it's UK based and they won't ship outside the UK.
I've already send another message, asking if I could bid/buy with my own Ebay account and then give them a UK based address to ship the game to. In this case, all I would be needing is someone's address to use to have the game shipped to and for them to ship it to me. No need to change the box or anything, just stick a piece of paper with my address on it or some other method to change the address. I'll ofcourse pay for the re-shipping costs. Or, if you're visiting the Spiel fair in October, that would be even better to exchange the game in person... :D

Worst case scenerio, the won't accept a different address from the one in my Ebay account, in which case I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to also bid for me with their Ebay account.

In any case, if there's anyone from the UK, willing to help me out, please reply or PM me. It would be greatly appreciated and mean a lot to me.

Other Games / Top 14 of 2014 :-)
« on: December 23, 2014, 05:44:23 AM »
Hey guys, I love end-of-years list and was looking at my games collection and decided to make a Top 20.
It's games I love playing, not necesarily bought or released in 2014, though most are, I guess.

Would be cool if others shared their list too. You could just post a list or tell a little with each game.

So here goes my list, starting with nr 14 working my way to number 1, my favorite game of this year (or all-time?)

14. Settlers Of Catan - horrible, I know. But I like playing this with my boyfriend every now and then, solely as a two-player game. We usually include either Sea-expansion, Cities & Knights or some of the small expansions from Barbarians. I really love the new editions that were released in Europe a couple years back and those are the editions we own.

13. Panic Station - I don't know why, but I enjoy this game. The only bad thing is that the rules are very unclear on a couple of things, which leads to unneccesary discussions during the game imo. Because of this it doesn't get played as much as I'd like.

12. Five Tribes - Released this year and bought it around Spiel. Great game! Lots of choices and options that could benefit your opponents.... met Bruno Cathala (designer) at Essen this year and got his signature. Very nice of him. The two games that were at the top of my wishlist for Spiel this year were both designed by Bruno (the other being Abyss).

11. Macao - Stefan Feld game that I got summer 2013. Haven't played it a lot, but do enjoy it.

10. The Village - bought this when it was released in 2012 and also own the expansions and promos. It's a great game, but could be very AP-prone. It also doesn't help my boyfriend is colorblind and can't distinguish the green and brown cubes from one another. I'm not colorblind, but even I have a hard time separating the pink and orange cubes. The new expansion (Harbour) changes the game a lot, which makes it interesting to occasionally spice it up a little and still have it feel fresh.

9. Carcassonne - The game that for me, re-kindled my love for boardgames again, a couple of years ago. Thankfully my best friend and boyfriend are also into boardgames, so we meet up almost every week once or two to play a game or two. When I list Carcassonne, I mean it to include every thing in the Carcassonne series. Promos, expansions, spin-offs, standalones, etc. For every mood a different choice of Carc to play. But I must admit that for the last two years or so, I solely want to play this as a 2-player game, 3 max.

8. Among The Stars - We participated at a ATS tournament at Spiel this year and because of that we played this game a lot during the weeks leading up to Spiel. But there are so many cards and expansions now, that it's almost impossible to play with everything. There's even a new Kickstarter coming in January for this game.

7. Fresco: Big Box - Not really a fan of Queen Games and their way of dealing with customers, but because my parents love the 'simpler' games like Carcassonne and Alhambra, this seemed like a good choice. Turns out it's a great game, and maybe a little meatier than Carc and Alhambra.

6. Archon: Glory & Machination - Another game from Greek Publisher Artipia Games. I just really like them. They are very friendly and have excellent customer service imo. It also helps they make great games. Archon to me is a game that borrows elements from other games I love and bring those elements together. The art is also stunning.

5. Stone Age - I won this game at the start of this year and God do I like it. My boyfriend not so much, unfortunately, cause he doesn't seem able to beat me with this game. Which is very odd, because with all our other games it's like we both have a 50/50 shot at winning. Love the expansion as well and we almost never play without it anymore.

4. Alhambra: Big Box - Backed this on Kickstarter during 2013 and had to go through a lot of trouble of finally getting a good copy. Queen Games was terrible to communicate with, but I will spare you all the horrid stories. Great, easy to learn game and the Big Box has 20 expansion modules to give plenty of choices.

3. Drum Roll - Once again, Artipia Games. Simple game, but with lots of choices (like every worker-placement). Nice theme and art as well.

2. Puerto Rico - Limited Anniversary Edition - Friend of mine bought this at Spiel when it was released (2011?). When we played it later that year, we loved it and wanted a copy ever since. When I was on Holiday in Florida last year, I finally managed to find a new copy on the BoardGameGeek  Marketplace. Cost me an arm and a leg, but totally worth it.

1. The Castles Of Burgundy - Got this for my 30th Birthday as a present from my boyfriend and this has quickly turned into my favorite and most played game. I think I have played this over 300 times now (online and reallife). I do hope they'll one day release a special edition with better components.

So, from that list only 2 games were released in 2014 (Five Tribes and Fresco: Big Box). And Stone Age was purchased this year. I do feel some of these games might be a similiar to each other, so I'm very interested in seeing what the list for next year will look like to see which of these 'survived'.

Honorable Mentions:
15.  Dungeon Petz - was in my top 10 last year, but just don't play it enough. Unfortunately.
16. Dead Of Winter - great coop/traitor game, but I could see this getting boring pretty quick.
17. Dominion - great game, but with over 5000 cards it's a bitch to set up.
18. Abyss - love this game, and especially the art. But I could see this getting boring pretty quick.
19. Ticket To Ride - I've kinda outgrown this, though some of the expansions/stand-alones are pretty nice. My boyfriend still loves it and loves to play this with me.
20. Cinque Terre - we bought this on our trip to Florida last year and enjoy this, but my boyfriend rather plays TTR. With me, it's the other way around...  ;D

Official Rules / Carcassonne South Sea - rules questions
« on: December 09, 2013, 12:16:39 PM »
I bought the English version at Essen and we have some questions, as the English rules seem unclear.

In the turn summary at point 2B it says during a turn you can take a meeple back in your supply from a SEA TILE.
One page later at 2B it says during a turn you can take a meeple back in your supply from the BOARD.

So which is it? Can I only take back a fisherman-meeple when it's my turn, or any meeple?

Also, with the boats. For example, there is a meeple in the sea, but there's no fish yet and I place a tile with the boat, does the meeple need to be removed/scored (even though he would score no fish)?
My answer would be yes.

Different question, there is a sea with lots of fish, but no meeples. If I place a tile with the boat, can I still place a meeple and immediatly score the sea?
My answer would be yes.

Other Games / Kickstarter Help Wanted
« on: March 23, 2013, 07:16:10 AM »
I was hoping a fellow Carc-fan would be able to help me out.

Especially one in the Orlando/Kissimee area...

I have a few games on Kickstarter I'd be interested in backing (and a few to come, for sure), but shipping costs to Europe are insane for some of these games! In the end I just can't justify backing these games, which is unfortunate. I'll be staying in WDW for 21 days in October/November and was wondering if someone would be willing to let me 'use' their address for the games to arrive yet, and arrange a pick-up while I'm there in Oct/Nov? I know it might be a lot to ask, but if anyone might be able to help me out, contact me so we could work out the details. Ofcourse I'd be willing to pay a small fee for any inconvenience, or take you out for a lunch or bring you a small Dutch gift, or...?  :)

I have been contacting the publishers of these games on Kickstarter, but so far they're not very willing (perhaps understandably so) to figure out a way to hold the games for me and not ship them out till October. As of now, it would be two kickstarter projects (3 games in total), so two boxes. But I'm pretty sure there might be 2 or 3 more.....if I can restrain myself... ;D

Just thought I'd throw it out there...any other help or advise would be welcome too, ofcourse...

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