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Official Rules / Famine in Wheel of fortune and barn
« on: May 05, 2013, 11:29:08 AM »
We played a game yesterday and found an issue that the standard rule set didn't cover.
In a combination that included Wheel of Fortune and the Abbey & Mayor with the barn a question arose:
The big pink pig has landed on Famine within the Wheel of Fortune.
The rule says for Famine:
For each of his or her farmers, every player receives 1 point for every completed city adjacent to the farm (in the same way as farms are scored during final scoring).
The Annotations for the rule are:
•   290 Castles are also counted in this determination, and actually give 2 points per farmer.

•   291 The text outside the parentheses is correct – each farmer scores 1 point for each completed city adjacent to the farm. The portion inside parentheses indicates that only a player with a majority on the farm is allowed to score the points. Additionally, additional bonus points for pig, pig herd, or castle are also given, as at the end of the game.

At that moment in the game there were no farmers in the game but there were two barns in play.

Red player had 9 completed cities and 1 scored castle in his farm.
Grey player had 5 completed cities and 2 castle in his farm. One scored and one unscored.

The rules and guidance above did not enlighten us in how to handle the situation.
As we saw it we had had 3 choices:
1.   The barn is not a farmer so no points are given.
Red gets       0 points
Green gets    0 points

2.   The barn has the same function as the farmer and is therefore entitled to the same points as a farmer.
Red gets       11 points (9 for completed cities and 2 for the completed castle).
Green gets     7 points (5 for completed cities and 2 for the completed castle).

3.   The barn is better than a farmer so it gets it’s +1 point on top of the farmer points
Red gets       21 points (18 for completed cities and 3 for the completed castle).
Green gets   13 points (10 for completed cities and 3 for the completed castle).

Since we didn’t know and could not find an answer we decided to go for the quick and easy answer with 0 points.
Since it’s a significant difference in the amount of points that would be given depending on what option we would take I now wonder:

Is there any existing guidance that I have missed?
If not what do you think is the proper way of handling this situation?

I personally favor option 3 since I love points and this one gives the largest payout.

Looking forward to your input
Koschei/Håkan Lagerström

P.S Big thanks for this great fansite

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