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Anything Else / Re: Happy Birthday
« on: February 21, 2021, 12:21:38 PM »
Last week, I've received Exp. 4 - The Tower, from my family !  8)

I'm sooo sorry.. try to forgive them, I'm sure they did not deliberately and knowingly intend to inflect that level of abuse.. I'm almost certain they must have simply considered it another innocent Carcassonne expansion.  I only hope the bonds between those with whom you play and yourself are strong enough. 

[Likely to] Have conflict (and little fun) with The Tower!  ;)

Fixed that for you! >:D ;D

Just kiddin'... kinda..  >:D

Happy (belated) Birthday to all recent birthday celebrants!  O0


The Marketplace / Re: Amazon UK Big Box < £35 delivered
« on: February 21, 2021, 05:46:58 AM »
This seems legitimate:

Is this the latest big box? (Is the latest 6?)
If so what is in here, in terms of mini expansions that I might even pick this up just to get?

Any reason to be wary do you think? At least it's Amazon so a refund should be forthcoming if it's counterfeit.

Find myself thinking I could just pop unpunched I&C and T&B in my now empty boxes and resell them to recoup most of this ...

Oh, if this is effectively advertising and hence inappropriate, my apologies! But do answer my questions before deleting! ;)
Seems like a good deal

This box is often cheaper if you don’t require/desire the English box (published by Z-Man) - which I don’t think I’ve seen for less than £45 ever, normally £54+

If you’re after the 7 minis then I would definitely get.

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General / Re: Speculations around 20th anniversary edition
« on: February 21, 2021, 02:02:38 AM »
20 tiles, with the extra river tiles included, could be enough for an 11th expansion however some sort of new ‘wood’ would be in order, be it a new meeple / follower type(s) or something akin to bridges / tower floors / dragon & fairy / count.

This of course opens a whole other avenues of speculation to partake in :) 20th anniversary does seem an ideal time to add the 20th meeple to the set (‘full’ sets currently being 19 meeple (sans phantoms anyway), but what might it/they be?

If the theme is still along lines of festival / celebration then the previous anniversary mini expansions stayed as just that and did not subsequently become part of a boxed expansion, so if 11th expansion is on the cards this year then that could be entirely new content (like Under The Big Top).

Also I recon 20th Anniversary is a good time to have another Carcassonne related Spiel Doch with a new bonus (micro?) expansion - the two 'Spiel' 'Doch' tiles might seem a bit meh but I actually quite like the Labyrinth :)

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General / Re: Carcassonne Tile Grids
« on: February 19, 2021, 03:26:38 PM »
So the current practical uses far the grid are:
-extending playing area of your table by few centimeters
-throwing stars
-preventing table bumps or jumping pets
-solving OCD specifically for those who want perfectly aligned tiles, but do not mind white gaps.

Good for Carcassonne fans that live / play on boats I imagine - probably happy to sacrifice playing with German Castles to have tiles stay in place while boat rocks

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General / Re: Speculations around 20th anniversary edition
« on: February 19, 2021, 08:49:05 AM »
I'm having a thought about the 15 new tiles for the special expansion...beyond the extended river tiles. So, the picture shows that it looks like there will be some festival tiles. The last two festivals both added 10 tiles each, but the description says maybe 10 festival plus something else??? -  :pink-meeple:

So for some reason I interpreted “anniversary-mini-expansion” as the Festival tiles we’ve seen with 10yr and 15yr, but maybe it’s not a Festival pack this time?? I mean, going with their theme, we gotta expect a 20yr Festival, but maybe that’s not this pack? Ugh, now I’m back on the “this might be worth it” train  ::) :neutral-meeple:

Why does everybody think it is a festival?  :o Because of the little guy running around with a 20 flag? That is most likely just one of the easter eggs mentioned, not the expansion.
The first festival had 10 tiles because it was 10th anniversary, 15th anniversary didn't have 15 tiles but still 10, and was essentially a reprint for CII. It wouldn't make sense for it to be 15 tiles if they finally decided to update the tile count, and we already have CII festival anyway. And if you say it is really 20 tiles becuse of 5 extra river tiles, that doesn't make sense either, because who would make use of 5 festivals on the river at the beginning of the game?

I think it is something new, or CII reprint of something which we haven't seen.

Looking at those tile images I agree that the group with the guy carrying the 20 flag is possibly an Easter egg.. That group could almost be construed as Peasant Revolts trigger.

The party tables depicted on that tile and the city tile behind it are the more likely indicators for the anniversary expansion tiles I feel - if of course they are not just Easter Eggs too - They do however fit with a festival or celebratory theme, which of course is still appropriate for an anniversary.

More specifically though, they look like represent a Street Party or Straßenfest (and personally I quite like that as an expansion name, especially in German).  Street Parties in the UK are typically held for things like Coronations or Jubilees although they are 5 years early for calling it a jubilee*, aesthetically speaking, it should be a 25th anniversary (in English anyway, I have no idea if that applies in German, see below**)

Hopefully it will have a unique mechanic in addition to a unique name, rather than just being Festival 20.

The premium box contains the base game, as well as the mini-expansions “the river” (with 5 brand new river tiles), “the abbot” and an “anniversary-mini-expansion” (consisting of 15 never-before-seen tiles).

In der edlen Box kommt das Grundspiel, sowie die Mini-Erweiterungen „Der Fluss“ (mit zusätzlichen 5 ganz neuen Fluss-Plättchen) , „der Abt“ , sowie eine „Jubiläumsmini-Erweiterung“ (bestehend aus bisher nicht dagewesenen 15 Plättchen).

The quote appears clear that the 15 tiles belong to the mini expansion so I do not think we are getting 2 minis here (bar the 5 extra river).  I do hope however that “anniversary-mini-expansion” / „Jubiläumsmini-Erweiterung“ isn't the actual name of the expansion, I like my idea better  :P  :D

* [Subject to how well it translates***] Part Prediction / Part Suggestion for 5 years time  ;)  Watch this space  ;D

** Translations according to Google

English to German
Street Party  =   Straßenfest
Jubilee         =   Jubiläum
Anniversary  =   Jahrestag

German to English
Straßenfest   =  Street Party
Jubiläum       =  Anniversary
Jahrestag      =  Anniversary

*** Shucks  ::)

Speculation is fun  ;D

This appears to be coming out at wrong time of the year but Oktoberfest would be another good name and potentially fun theme for a mini (or homebrew)  expansion (Carcassonne for Adults comes to mind lol).

Kind Regards,

General / Re: New player, new user, first post: want to expand quickly
« on: January 22, 2021, 06:40:12 PM »
Hi Allograft, I'm quite new round here too and have only been playing / collecting Carcassonne for couple of years or so now. 

I see you are considering Big Box 2017 and I thoroughly recommend this box, it is how I kick started my collection and I do not regret it at all.

Regarding your target of 450+ tiles, I personally would suggest getting all the different - easily available - expansions, major and minor, if only for the unique tile variations you get across them.  Also, this way you have choice of course to just play using the tiles and ignore expansion rules completely, selectively add some rules/elements in to spice things up occasionally or try and follow all applicable rules at once MegaCarcassonne style (I intend to try it, after many, many build up games!)   

I have a near complete CII collection (~95.8% apparently) of officially released proper tiles (so not including PnP or CutCassonne in this example).  If I have done my maths (and set up my spreadsheet) correctly this gives me 341* playable land tiles.  All of which happen to be readily available ones currently.  It does however include 24 triangular halflings, the 6 Abbey tiles and 10 double size tiles - of which 4 are the Markets of Leipzig and some monasteries that are intended to replace the ones in the base set.

Add the second base set that you already have (72 + the 12 river) to the 341* and you will have 413* playable land tiles (with minimal unrequired duplicates really - although you would have 3 rivers at this point, 2 x RI + 1 x R2).  If that really is still not enough then there is always the 20th anniversary set coming up in May that we are looking forward to, for you it would be a third base set and a forth river but will also come with 20 new tiles - 5 of which are additional river.**  This would bring the total number of tiles to 519* so even without the non-square tiles and taking out the multiple duplicate River source and end tiles you would have a game with over 450 playable tiles :)

If I have not missed anything, there are an additional 15 land tiles published for CII however of these at least 7 (individual, annual, Spiel Promos) are rare and likely prohibitively expensive to collect, this may also apply to the set of 6 Japanese Buildings - I have no idea when they were last available at reasonable cost - and the last 2 (Spiel Doch Promo) may not be as hard to get  - but I cannot currently order them, natch  ::)

Another idea would be to look out for a larger collection being sold, they do appear on eBay occasionally.

Lastly, just to allude to what cicerunner mentioned about game length, My wife and I have had a quite few one on one games in the last few days using less than half my tiles (selecting random expansions to add tiles from), ignoring most expansion elements but playing with Abbot, Phantom and Giant meeple in addition to the base 7 and these games have taken up to 1.75 hours.  Most games were quicker but even just adding some bridges increased the game length due to the extra consideration on tile placement just that one element adds.

*As mentioned above, these numbers include 24 halflings of which not all are generally used in a game, the 6 Abbey tiles which you normally only include one each per player and 10 double size tiles - of which 4 are the Markets of Leipzig which are meant as alternative starting tiles, monasteries that are intended to replace the ones in the base set (much like the Japanese buildings) but could be used in addition instead and of course the multiple River source and end tiles.  [Edit:] These numbers do not include the City of Carcassonne tiles in either of its formats, but again these are intended as alternate start tiles rather than 'playable' tiles.

 ** So by now (or even with just 3 rivers), you might want to randomly choose a set amount of river tiles rather than use all each game.

Hope that's helpful or at least given you some food for thought! :)

Kind regards,


Unofficial Rules / Re: Alternate Rules For CutCassonne (variant)
« on: January 22, 2021, 09:45:49 AM »
Hello everyone,

I recently purchased CutCassonne (with the last Xmas Package  O:-) ) and I don't like the 'normal' rules of this extension that assume that it's easy to simply cut the tiles and play with them without identifying them (either by seeing them or touching them) or glue them on blank tiles and play with them like this (they will then be thicker than the tiles in the game)... So I think we could use them in another way (a bit like the German castle, the Halflings or the Abbeys). Let me explain...

A/ if you play a game with the river (1 or 2 or 1+2), shuffle the CutCassonne tiles face down. Each player draws :
- 3 tiles for a 2 or 3-player game,
- 2 tiles for a 4 or 5-player game,
- 1 tile for a 6-player game.

B/ if you play a game without the river (1 or 2 or 1+2), shuffle the CutCassonne tiles face down. Each player draws :
- 3 tiles for a 2-player game,
- 2 tiles for a 3-player game,
- 1 tile for a 4 to 6-player game.

1. Placing a tile:
If you play with the river
Start the game with drawing tiles from the standard River stack. If, during the preparation phase, you have drawn a CutCassonne tile with the river, you can play it instead of drawing a tile from the standard River stack. When the last of the River tile (with any lake) is placed, if a player has kept a river tile in his game, he won't be able to play this tile during the game and the tile may be discarded (the player chooses if he wants to pretend to get a normal tile until the end of the game).

Choose to place a CutCassonne tile
During the game, you can choose to draw a place a standard Lanscape tile OR you can place a CutCassonne tile instead. Place your tile according to the usual rules.

2. Placing a meeple
When you place a CutCassonne tile, you may place a meeple on it according to the usual rules.

3. Scoring a feature
When you complete one or more features (e.g. a monastery, a road etc.) containing CutCassonne tiles, you score them according to the usual rules.

End of the game
When the last Landscape tile has been placed, the game is not finished yet, each player, clockwise, may place a Cutcassonne tile (if he has kept any in his hand) and play a normal turn. If the player doesn't get any CutCassonne tile, he passes his turn.

Final scoring
Features with CutCassonne tiles are scored as usual at the end of the game.

What do you think of that way to play this expansion ?
Hi Gagoune, seems like a sensible suggestion to me and as you indicate, not without president.

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General / Re: Carcassonne Maps storage
« on: January 22, 2021, 09:31:06 AM »
I’m yet to get the maps but in anticipation I had already been looking at A1 portfolio folders on Amazon and eBay for the purpose of storing them flat.  Best option I feel :)

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News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:50:34 AM »
While not quite what many of us were hoping it could be, it is I think roughly the equivalent of what most of us actually expected.

Personally I'm quite pleased in fact, while I have an almost complete CII collection, I currently still only have 1 base set of tiles so with the 20 new tiles this is definitely on my want to buy list. Though I will also be keeping an eye out for the "further announcements" just in case there is an even more limited/special set that might be of interest.

Well said Willem  :(y)

We may want to consider bundling a shipment to the UK  ;D

Yes please. I'll put myself down for two copies! O:-)

If this happens I'd really like to be in on that too please!

...all tiles are adorned with UV-print...

This bit intrigued me, although as far as I can tell after some quick googling they are essentially referring to the printing technique.

What it does though is give me another idea for quick tile sorting that makes my previous ideas - while still cool - seem well over engineered  ::)   The new idea simply requires some clear/invisible UV/Black light ink,  a UV/Black light torch (so far so good I already have on of those and the ink not difficult to get) and - for the best look - around 35 to 40ish custom rubber stamps in the shape of the expansion icons (natch :o but maybe the cost of them could be off set by offering a stamping service or hiring them out  :)) ).  That way to quickly pick out the expansion tiles that do not stand out on their own for whatever reason you simply need to shine the UV torch over the tiles!

This is something HiG could potentially do quite easily if they wanted, pre-print the invisible-unless-under-UV expansion icons on the tiles and recommend a UV torch or even include a little one in a future Big Box bundle.  Of course if they did that now I do hope they'd credit me accordingly - despite their public disclaimer to the contrary!  ::)  ;D

General / Re: Actual 'Carcassonne' Table
« on: January 19, 2021, 11:11:03 AM »
It's an automated Mahjong table. I think the tiles have to be inserted right way up. I think the unveiling may be prearranged too. A bit of smoke and mirrors, but it's a nice concept.  Agreed that tile damage is probably likely too as you said!

Of course it is, that makes a lot of sense.  They play a lot of Mahjong in China and the tiles they play with tend to be solid plastic :)

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 15, 2021, 10:08:10 AM »
I checked rules for 10th anniversary edition.
In part with rules was used standard wooden meeples, but in game was transparent meeples.

Maybe this game will have extra meeples, maybe frozen meeples included whole 19 meeple set?

This would be nice ;-)
Special meeples is a reasonable possibility given 10th anniversary set had them.  And the frozen meeple are quite new so that is also a possibility I guess but I would not hold my breath for them to include all the meeple from expansions that not in the box.

But yes it would be nice :)

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General / Re: Actual 'Carcassonne' Table
« on: January 15, 2021, 03:40:04 AM »
Reminds me of this sequence of videos:

Wow! That does look like an awesome gaming table in general, if a little to small for larger Carcassonne games. As much as I would love something that magically auto sorted tiles (and also separated expansions as required ;D )  Not sure I would want to put my collection in that 'tumble dryer of potential death' (for precious tiles) part in the third video  :)) (though if I was to somehow end up getting a table like this I would be likely to get a second hand base set to use just to try that bit!).

I wish I could read it, if anybody here can (or has seen a translation), is it really suggesting that it automatically arranges the tiles in those four rows that rise up from underneath?  Not entirely convinced it would get the tiles all face down from those videos but if it does then that's impressive stuff!

If, dot, drilling-machine will do what's important

 :)) Indeed!


General / Re: Actual 'Carcassonne' Table
« on: January 14, 2021, 04:21:28 PM »
Do these tables have special marks for the placement of start tiles?  ;)

For Mega-Carcassonne games that could be awesome.
Alas no, but they are kinda chalkboard black, so probably easy to make own marks as required and wipe away after  :))


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News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 14, 2021, 03:22:08 PM »
Yeah, Translated to English from the 999games link: "The packaging gets a beautiful, completely new design and becomes completely language-free."

The image of the rule booklet on the Hans Im Gluck linked page shows German language, so unless they are trying to say it will contain instructions for multiple languages (i.e. Will not need each country's publisher to translate before going on sale in each country), it does seem to be suggesting no text on the box.  Apart from Title and Author as can already clearly be seen..
I do at some point want to get a second set of base tiles so this set may well be the way I do it.  Especially if it does contain 'Festival 20' or something new.

The rules aren't part of the packaging.
Yeah that was part of my point. The other bit was speculation based on the likelihood of it being a poor translation..

Edit: That's probably still not very clear.  What I mean is I was agreeing with Fritz_Spinne that the wording appears to be referring to the box specifically and that the pictured instructions are clearly not 'language-free' or 'language independent' adding weight to that.   I was also speculating what 'language-free' or 'language independent' might possibly mean, if - as is often enough the case -  the original meaning of text was quite different to the web browser translation.

Ultimately I do think the wording is probably just implying that the box will have very little text on it but I cannot read the original Dutch. I only bothered speculating because either 'language-free' or 'language independent' are - in English anyway - odd ways to promote a game even if just talking about the box.  And while a clean looking back of the box may well be important to some, particularly on a special edition, having rules in more languages is possibly a slightly more important selling point ultimately.


General / Actual 'Carcassonne' Table
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:00:53 AM »
Actual "Carcassonne" Dining Table to play Carcassonne on anybody?   :))

Even available in 2 sizes: (Standard)  (Mega   ;D )


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