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"Exception: If any player completes a field with shepherds and sheep by fully surrounding it by roads and cities, immediately resolve the Guide the flock to the stable action for that field."

I want to ask the question again.
If you close your own shepherd's field do you
A: Automatically scoring the flock without growing it.
B: Grow the flock automatically and then scoring the flock since the field has been closed.
C: Choose between scoring the flock now or grow the flock and then scoring since the field has been closed.
D: Other options

I think the answer is C.

Hello everyone!
I have been a lurker for a while, but have just popped up to ask a question.

farin's JCloisterZone currently implements that if you close a field with your shepherd, you grow the flock automatically before the automatic guide the flock.  Is this correct according to the rules?

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