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+1 on that!

Let me know if you find it anywhere and can order two copies. I'll split the postage with you... ;)

General / Re: Favorite Major Expansion
« on: Today at 01:15:24 AM »
I voted for The Tower because I felt sorry for it that nobody had voted for it. While I don't feel that it's entirely in keeping with the spirit of the game and can be a bit of an acquired taste, it certainly changes the way you play the game once you've gotten used to it.

I'll never get used to it  :-[.  My wife and child put it and the Count, King, and Robber in the "no way we are ever playing that again" box.

What's wrong with Count, King and Robber?

The Count adds a nice layer of strategy, the King and Robber is a minimal change and the River II is legit. Only the Cult tiles are kind of lame imo, more monasteries ????

Totally with you dirk2112! Although thesteveallen was kind enough to teach me how to play with The Count and all of the tactical elements that it introduce/ changes, it doesn't quite sit right with me in terms of how easy it is to take features over for minimal effort (some effort, yes). For me, Carcassonne is about managing your meeples carefully, managing risk and cunningly and imaginatively creating opportunities for yourself. Certain expansions trample over this elegant simplicity in a way that I find difficult to enjoy without adjusting my expectations accordingly. Like someone turning up to a 100m sprint on a motorbike.

It's a similar situation for me with The Tower. But while I mentioned how you need to adjust your expectations depending on what expansions are included, I actually quite enjoy the required adjustments when The Tower is included, and don't feel so sorry for myself when my meeples get kidnapped if there were ways I could have defended them but which I didn't prioritise.

General / Re: Iranian version of Carcassonne (Kados or کادوس)
« on: September 22, 2020, 03:16:16 PM »
That looks awesome indeed. I'd love to be able to get hold of a copy of that.

General / Re: Favorite Major Expansion
« on: September 22, 2020, 03:13:10 PM »
I voted for The Tower because I felt sorry for it that nobody had voted for it. While I don't feel that it's entirely in keeping with the spirit of the game and can be a bit of an acquired taste, it certainly changes the way you play the game once you've gotten used to it.

General / Re: attic sale
« on: September 22, 2020, 03:06:37 PM »
it should have looked like this new, except the lower part where I think there is a frieze that I have not touched up

Hmm. I wonder if it would bring luck in a Carcassonne tournament? I'd love to try it out!

EDIT: Is it the same as this one: ?

Online Games and Competitions / Re: Anyone wants a new league?
« on: September 22, 2020, 03:02:26 PM »
Hey Sinscerly. Great idea! :(y)

I'd love to participate if I'm not too late, regardless of platform.


The only glitch we notoced is that players swapped color and names: the first player was playing purple and the second green. After realing the game, the first player was green with Purple's name and scoring, and the second player was purple with Green's name and scoring.

I think this is to do with the order that you clicked your meeple. It can vary depending on this, so if whoever clicked first clicks second next time when you're loading the game, and vice versa, you should be able to get back to the game without any meeple switching.

Welcome back Robert, it's been a while! Hope that you and monwil are both well! :)

It would appear that farin isn't as present on these forums as he used to be so this probably isn't the best place for JCloisterZone technical support. Instead, you could try via the JCZ website or via the JCZ fan page on Facebook (if you use that).

From personal experience, I can say that I've used the online server with mixed results but it's been years since I hosted a game for anyone. I still play Adda, but I've never had to go to the online server to do so. Can't you just play locally against her?

Best wishes,

General / Re: European Union
« on: August 05, 2020, 09:34:05 AM »
I have played Carcassonne Junior once though! My sister has it to hahaha

I have quite fond memories of playing it with my daughter when she was younger. It's a very different game obvious, but it's still enjoyable. I remember whaleyland even took part in a My First Carcassonne tournament once! :(y)

Book ordered. :green-meeple: :green-meeple:
Ready to ship to México!

Have ordered! Be good to read up on some tactics!!

Good stuff! Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy reading it! :) :(y)

General / Re: Charity Auction
« on: July 26, 2020, 12:29:42 PM »
We are on £110 for the one with the road and £70 for the other one.

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Hello Rosco

Any news about the lot I won and paid, I sent you 2 messages but no replies since June 20th, can you keep me informed?

Best regards

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What was the item? Ross did ask me to post some items that I donated to his auction but I haven't been able to get to the post office yet as I've been shielding until quite recently. What are you waiting for?

General / Re: Charity Auction
« on: July 15, 2020, 08:10:34 AM »
Come on dude, don't leave us hanging! What's next?

Hope you enjoy it Willem! Please leave a review if so ;)

The US pricing issue should now be fixed for anyone who is interested. Apparently Amazon were very apologetic but didn't explain what had gone wrong or why it had taken so long to fix.

Buy it on UK or German amazon.
At U.S. it costs more than 160 USD with postage ;-)

Thanks for reminding us of this Bumshakalala, it was pointed out here that this price is a mistake. Rather an embarrassing one at that, but also one which has been pointed out to Amazon and for some reason they're struggling to put it right.

To explain, Steve has to make the book "live" (i.e. released) whenever he wants to order a copy for himself so that he can see how it looks, but he doesn't want anyone else to buy the book before it's ready so he puts the price up very high to the point that nobody would buy it. Then he can order it at cost for himself as the main listed author (he doesn't have to pay the huge price) and then unrelease it/ switch it out of live and reset the price. He did this one final time just before it was due to be released, and when he reset the price afterwards it did eventually reset to the £7.95 it's supposed to be in the UK and Europe, but apparently it has remained at the "don't buy me!" price in America/ Brazil.

I don't know how complicated it can be to reset a price on Amazon but apparently it's not something that they can fix quickly for the US market. Please accept my apologies for this. Hopefully it will be rectified ASAP. Or sooner.

Sorry I missed this...

A few questions:

Will a kindle version be available at some point?  (I only read kindle books nowadays.)

How extensively does this book cover strategy for the expansions?  Does it have any information about the mini-expansions?

Yes, it should be. I can't say when, but that's certainly intended.

The expansions covered are purely the 1 - 10 major/ boxed expansions (even #7 ;) ) but we didn't include any of the minis or minor expansions. In general, the level of detail varies from expansion to expansion and is probably best described as intermediate to advanced depending on the expansion.

Hope this helps.

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