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Got mine today too! Nothing new to contribute in terms of photos so I won't share, but relieved that everything with these finally worked out!

I'll let know my friend that the Forum found a source and there is no need for him to try other ways of obtaining the games.


Great job Linksux, thanks for sharing those awesome photos!

+1 merit for you :(y)

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: February 17, 2021, 04:43:52 AM »
For anybody in the UK interested in the 20th anniversary edition (or Ultimate RailRoads) from Z-Man games, I messaged them via Facebook.

Above all I wanted to get some idea of whether their release schedule is likely to match what's expected from HiG, as I'd hate to miss out because I'm waiting for a UK release or find out that it's only available in America as we do seem to be a bit of a blind spot for them lately.

I asked:
"Hello. Do you guys have an anticipated release date/ price for the Carcassonne 20th anniversary edition and Ultimate Railroads boxes in the UK yet?"

They replied:
"We're still working on files for both and don't have a specific release time. Carcassonne 20th should release sometime this summer and Ultimate Railroads will be sometime this fall. We'll post on social when the inventory is available!"

Hope this is of interest.

Online Games and Competitions / Re: Anyone wants a new league?
« on: February 15, 2021, 02:50:51 AM »
Okay, will have some time hopefully to prepare some text. In the poll I see or knockout or basegame 1 game against all participant :)

A basegame Round Robin sounds good! :) :(y)

Online Games and Competitions / Re: Anyone wants a new league?
« on: February 08, 2021, 01:11:45 AM »
2021 League? €50 buy-in to cover server costs?

We don't really incur any costs due to servers as our Carcassonne Central tournaments have traditionally been played using JCloisterZone. Boardgame Arena is a nice alternative although it does incur a small monthly cost to become a premium user and you need at least one premium user at a table in order to start the game. €50 might be a little pricey for most people...

General / Re: Iranian version of Carcassonne (Kados or کادوس)
« on: February 05, 2021, 01:24:14 AM »
hello every one ! this is Mohsen from Iran.
i'm a board game seller in Iran. recently some people from this forum asked me for sending 'Kadoos' and also 'Ghale roodkhan'.
unfortunately because of political reasons Iranian people are in hard sanctions from all over the world. so that's so difficult to send any product abroad from Iran. but after a hard research i found a safe way for shipping the product to the Europe and America.
the only matter is still transferring money. some of my friends from England and also France could transfer money by sending Bitcoin to me.
the price of 'Ghale roodkhan' is 35 EURO and 'Kadoos' is 25 EURO ( a worked one if i could find, because it had discontinued from 5 years ago )
after all i would really happy that i could help to all my friends who are Carcassone lovers from all over the world.
Mohsen Ansarifar
My email address is :
instagram ( buisiness account ) :

Hi Mohsen, and welcome to the forums! :)

It has been a great pleasure getting to know you through Instagram, and I really appreciate the efforts you have made on the behalf of your fellow Carcassonne fans around the world! :(y)

Thanks also for sharing your story about the situation in Iran and the role that boardgaming plays over there. I hope that somehow this will improve, and of course that you and your family stay safe during the pandemic.

Best wishes to you!

General / Re: Iranian version of Carcassonne (Kados or کادوس)
« on: February 03, 2021, 08:32:08 AM »
Did you take those photos yourself?

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: February 02, 2021, 03:59:10 PM »
Nice, release date May 28, 2021. That's a Friday. This is my first rodeo. Is Cundco the best place to buy?

I don't think anyone knows for sure yet where it will be available, but Cundco certainly seems like a safe bet until we know more.

General / Re: Why endless expansions? Playing the Original - An opinion
« on: January 28, 2021, 03:41:45 AM »
The first expansion "Inns & Cathedrals" didn't come along two years after the initial release of Carcassonne.  I'm not sure that was due to people tiring of the game already.

I'm not sure why people seem to tire of playing games in their original form.  Nobody complains that Draw Poker & Pinochle never change, and they still get played endless times.  What really makes any game replayable, is player individuality, the best asset we all bring to the gaming table.

I think the reason for the existence of expansions is just as much commercial as it is anything else. Pretend you're HiG and it's 2001. You've just released a great boardgame that everybody loves (and has bought), how do you capitalise on that success in order to keep the money flowing towards you? You can release the same thing again in a slightly different format and hope that everyone buys it again, or you can start to release additional content in the form of expansions which will add further enjoyment to the existing game. So with this in mind, I don't think expansions exist because people got tired of the basic game, but more because people were willing to buy them if they added a new dimension to a game that they already owned and enjoyed playing. Now, 20 years later, here we are; HiG are still in business and Carcassonne is a global phenomenon! :(y)

There are still plenty of people who aren't tired of the base game and who prefer to get their Carcassonne fix without expansions; BGA is full of them! Personally, there's a lot I like about Carcassonne but one of the first things that really drew me to it in a way that no other games has done was the elegant simplicity of the basic game. Sure, it's fun to play with expansions too, but there's something very special about the standard 72 tiles that has maintained my interested over thousands of games, and I'm sure it will do for thousands more too.

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:54:35 PM »
I want both :-)

The German details AND the English details?

General / Re: How many tiles are left?
« on: January 27, 2021, 02:51:03 AM »
For competitional Carcassonne, knowing how many tiles of each configuration are and calculating what is left in the bag may be a skill differentiating the Champion from the rest of the crowd. For home games, with friends, with kids, with all kind of expansions, it might be useful to have this information stated somewhere (and somehow).

Would this spoil the game, will it be in Carcassonne's spirit, or maybe it is a matter of taste? What do you think?

In my experience of playing Carcassonne competitively it's not so much that being able to count tiles separates the winner from everyone else, but not being able to count tiles separates the loser from everyone else. It's an important skill that shouldn't be underestimated if you're serious about winning, and it's worth learning the tile distribution and recognising how to group tiles and count them on the landscape during games if you find yourself losing more than you'd like. It isn't actually very hard, it just takes practice.

Being able to count the tiles accurately and quickly is a skill that gives you an advantage over a player that can't do this, or can't do it as well as you can. Games aren't settled by who knows best what's left in the bag though, nor does tile-counting allow you to influence what your next tile might be. Does this make it unfair? If so, then I'd argue that experience is unfair too since this can give you a significant advantage over an inexperienced player. Clearly this isn't the case though. Tile-counting is a skill that is learnt and practiced and perfected through hard work and dedication. These are qualities to be rewarded, not penalised. It isn't voodoo.

If I'm playing with friends, or my kids, or games that don't really matter then it isn't really competitive so I probably won't count the tiles unless someone happens to ask me if there are any tiles left that will complete their city.

On a final point, I think almost everyone who plays Carcassonne uses some knowledge of the tile distribution to their advantage after a few games. Even at its most basic level, most players realise after a few games that there is only one city-city-city-city tile, and only one road-road-road-road tile. If they can see that either/ both/ neither of these tiles have already been played out on the table in front of them then it is likely to affect their decision-making process. Equally, even if they're not counting them, most players know that the corner road tile is very common in Carcassonne and so might use this knowledge to their advantage even if they haven't actually counted how many have already been played, perhaps if they're wanting to join an extra meeple onto a farm.

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:47:46 AM »
Sorry to disappoint you, but thst site says it will be available 28th May 2020. We missed it!

I've checked the forum calendar to see if I could find anything that this special date coincides with and it does make me wonder whether they're deliberately releasing it then to recognise jcronin72's 49th birthday? He hasn't visited the forum since October 2015, and he's never posted anything either, but this might be because he doesn't appear to own the game or any expansions (according to his profile) so he wasn't the obvious choice by any means. I can see their logic though.

It's also some guy named "Decar"'s birthday on the same day, so it's a good day for Carcassonne whatever the reason...

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 22, 2021, 12:41:54 AM »
I suspect someone bought them all, will sell half on ebay for reasonable price and cut the other half into halves and bury half the halves in the desert.

And half of the half that sell on eBay will be resold here for unreasonable prices...

I do wonder whether the half that are halved will still be considered whole if they're used to complete a cloister though? ???

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:54:16 PM »
So cunning... :'(

News and Events / Re: Announcement from Hans Im Gluck
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:31:49 PM »
Anyway publishing date is 25th May 2021 (not 2020 as mentioned before ;-D)

Very good of them to publish something on our kittens' first birthday! :) :(y)

Sorry to disappoint you, but thst site says it will be available 28th May 2020. We missed it!

WHAT?! Why would they publish something new like this when the kittens were only 3 days old? That's just stupid...

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