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Title: Carcassonne Maps (Germany) + the river?
Post by: Megg82 on October 12, 2019, 02:03:27 PM
Hello everyone  :green-meeple:
I bought the Carcassonne maps card and was wondering if anyone has played it using the river, starting either in Rostock or Stuttgart. Has someone already tried it?
Title: Re: Carcassonne Maps (Germany) + the river?
Post by: Decar on November 21, 2019, 09:48:28 AM
Hi Megg82,

I only just saw this for some reason, so would have replied sooner!
Welcome to Carcassonne Central—your suggestion sounds pretty good.

The German map suggests using a base game and first two expansions: That's 114 tiles filling the ~150 on the map.
The extra 12 tiles for the river will probably work ok, but you might want to limit what direction the river mouth faces.
Most people play with the rule that, U-turns are not possible with the river because of complications that arise, if you start in Stuttgart, pointing south, there's a high chance it would have to bend.

I think there's a high chance the river will cause conflicts with the prexisting map edges and city tiles.  But starting in Erfurt or Leipzig might be ok.
Title: Re: Carcassonne Maps (Germany) + the river?
Post by: Meepledrone on November 21, 2019, 03:01:10 PM
Hi Megg82,

Oops! It seems your post passed under the radar for me too. Welcome to the forum.

I haven't tried this option either, but I would do it as follows:.

* Regarding the River, I think an option worth trying is to build the River starting from the mouth back to the source. I would place the mouth on the border and would build it backwards trying not to get into trouble (discarding any tiles trying to get outside outside the map or obscuring a pre-printed city tile.) This does not guarantee that the River can be placed uneventfully either: it may be ending abruptly next to a city tile, for example. In any case, you might have to skip a number of tiles and even you might be unable to place the source tile either. In this case, I would consider the River closes the city on that edge.

* Besides the River layout, I would place at least one start tile, for example, on the farthest start town from the river, so you offer an additional starting for players.