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Title: {Closed} [WTS] 2 Russian Promo tiles with the new Russian bag-counter
Post by: Push on July 25, 2018, 01:45:24 PM
Hi, dear forum members,

I think many people from the forum want to buy new Russian bag-counter and I think that somebody maybe wants to buy it with Russian promotiles as the  nice set in the attached picture. Earlier HobbyWorld published similar set - 1st version of the bag and 2 Russian promotiles of first eddition. Now I offer these 2 tiles with the new version of the bag.

As always, tiles  are new and original as well as the bag.

Price is 40 euro + shipping costs (appr. 4-5 euro) + PP fees (appr. 4.9 %).

I may decrease the price (it will be marked in the post)  if demand will be low .

PM me with all your questions.