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Title: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: danisthirty on August 02, 2015, 02:03:01 AM
Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015

They say that no news is good news, which could mean either that no news (i.e. an absence of news) is good news in itself, or simply that all news is bad. I don't honestly know and couldn't be bothered to research it, but whichever it is, the person who first said this would hang their head in shame upon discovering that the Carcassonne Central monthly newsletter is back again. And it's as good as it's ever been (which is very good indeed)!

Let's just enjoy a few moments together while that revelation sinks in. Because sometimes news is small or insignificant, like a wolf getting stuck in a hedge on a farm somewhere. And sometimes news is huge, like being told that your allocated car parking space at the office has been moved from bay 108 to bay 34, even though bay 108 is right round the back of the building and bay 34 is practically opposite the front doors. Here at Carcassonne Central though, all news is good news (unless it's bad news) so let's immerse ourselves in it right now and find out what's been happening over the last two months. Read on gentle news-hunter...

Forum News
News and Events\ UK Carcassonne Championship 2015 at UK Games Expo (
OK so technically May isn't June but I count the last day of May as an honorary member of June if it's also the last day of the UK Games Expo and therefore the UK Carcassonne championships. Four of Carcassonne Central's most handsome members took part this year and had a fantastic day together which you can read all about in the post above (the link takes you to the 50th reply as this is where posts from the actual day begin). There are photos and match reports aplenty, plus great posts from
jazbang ( (who won the tournament) and ScottMoore ( (who helped to organise it).

News and Events\ The Great Game for War Child, London - Carcassonne Volunteers Wanted! (
On the 6th June there was a special gaming event for charity War Child which aimed "to celebrate and promote Board Gaming, Model Painting and Game Design with local adults, children and hobby enthusiasts". Carcassonne Central was represented at the event by our very own Curt194 who shared a short recap of how the event went in this post. Although he wasn't sure of a final figure, it's thought that the event raised at least £850 to help children whose lives have been damaged by war. :(y)

News and Events\ Carcassonne in UK Games Expo Magazine (
There are several Carcassonbne websits where fans of Carcassonne such as ourselves have been chatting about various ideas, information, designs and other revelations for years on end. But what role does this community of Carcassonne fans play in terms of supporting our favourite game, and helping those core people responsible for keeping it alive? This excellent article written by Udo Schmitz from Carcassonne on Tour first appeared in the handbook at the UK Games Expo, but it's well worth reading even if you weren't there to read it for yourself as it's all about how important you are! Nice one. 8)

News and Events\ HIG facebook-Carcassonne-What is missing at the CundCoShop? (
If unlike me you're ever frustrated at having too much money and too little to spend it all on, you'll surely cherish the opportunity to tell HiG what they should be selling (but aren't) via their online shop ( Even if most of your money goes on boring things like rent and bills it's still worth a look if only to get your imagination fired up by others' suggestions.

News and Events\ United Kingdom Carcassonne Central Meetup Event 2015 (
Apparently there's this thing called "real life" which is like some sort of virtual reality environment where you can meet people and talk to them without actually being online at all. I'm not sure how it all works, but apparently it's a blast and Decar is confident enough following a successful trial meeting using "real life" at the UK Games Expo, that another could be arranged for intrigued forums members to meet, eat, drink, laugh, cry, sing and play Carcassonne together (without using JCloisterZone!). I know it sounds too mad to be true, but please consider giving it a go if you're in the UK and are free on any of the suggested dates.

News and Events\ Carcassonne II - Inns and Cathedrals (
Ever since our beloved Carcassonne was re-released with new tile artwork (affectionately referred to as Carc 2.0) it hasn't been entirely clear whether this would be a one-off or was a sign of things to come with future expansions being released in the new art style only. Although the answer to this still isn't known for sure, the fact that the first two major expansions (Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders) have now been released in the new art style suggests that Carc 2.0 is here to stay. Find out what people are saying about the new artwork for these expansions in this post.

News and Events\ Klaus-Jürgen Wrede - Homepage (
As most of us already know, Klaus-Jürgen Wrede is the man responsible for designing the game that has brought all of us here, along with its countless expansions and spin-offs such as the Around the World series. But did you know that he's also now a writer, with his first novel "The Secret of the Ghent Altarpiece" coming out this August? If you're interested to know more about what KJW has up his sleeve in terms of games/ books then look no further than his very own website (linked to from this post). If you prefer to know more about what KJW has on his sleeve then
click here (

News and Events\ Carcassonne - Über Stock und Stein (across country) (
If you happen to be a farmer (an actual farmer rather than just a meeple on its back) who feels that your skills and talents are going to waste when it comes to boardgames, you may be interested to know that we'll either be going up hill, down dale or perhaps merely across country in order to look after our animals and cultivate our fields of fruit and vegetables in this recently announced Carcassonne spin-off game due to be released in October!

General\ I love the postman... ( (now with over 30,000 views! :o)
Carcassonne Central's members received lots of cool things throughout June/ July, and most of them have been reported here! Fun things to look out for include the following:
  • the World Cup of Carcassonne Central trophy
  • meeple-shaped enamel pin-badges in blue, yellow and gray
  • MrNumbers!
  • Carcassonne for Nintendo DS
  • a pair of point counters
  • one black and three purple teacher meeples
  • Adults of Carcassonne
Don't go anywhere until you've found them all! C:-)

General\ A History of Online Competition at Carcassonne Central (
As it's now been a little over a year since Carcassonne Central's first online competition was launched, it seemed appropriate to document some of this history along with photos of the tiles and trophies that have been designed, made and given out along the way. So here it is!

General\ Carcassonne by Forums 2015 (
Carcassonne by Forums is back for 2015, and this time there's 2 games! Rather than the 5-player base-game we played last year, both games are being played by 3 players each and feature Inns & Cathedrals, Abbey & Mayor and The Fliers. What's more, none of the players know exactly what pieces their opponents have available to them so there's bound to be plenty of surprises in store! Click the link above for full details, or on one of the links below to catch up with either game.

General\ 7 hours of Carcassonne in 59 seconds (
Typically, it usually takes me at least 7 hours to get just 59 seconds of quality Carcassonne-playing time to myself. However, jcardwell3rd has managed to distort time and space by doing the opposite of this and squeezing 7 hours of Carcassonne into just 59 seconds! How has he done this? Better check his post to find out...

General\ Carcassonne Travel Set (
Heading off on your holidays? Obviously you'll be taking Carcassonne with you. But with limited space, which expansions are you going to include in your holiday selection and why would you take them?

General\ The lottery of meeple transparent (
Like a princess pricking her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel, much of the Carcassonne Central community was mostly asleep throughout June. This is however, until the handsome Prince Quevy came along and kissed it back to life with his transparent meeple giveaway. And we all lived happily ever after.

General\ Most loved.... (
Although none of us will admit to having favourites in front of the rest of our collections, many of us have a signed tile, rare expansion, cool meeple or something extra special that we treasure more than anything else. This is the place to share what means most to you, or simply to find out about what gems others have collected.

General\ Meeples in a jar. (
First you were challenged to count the number of
meeples in the bag (, now you're being challenged to count the number of meeples in the jar! Dare you guess? There's a lot to play for, but get it wrong and you might end up being forced to accept a copy of Rosco's fan-made expansion instead... :o

General\ GenCant - Carcassonne Solo Contest 2015 (
Gen Con is the original, longest-running and best-attended, gaming convention in the world (for those of us who live nearby or are prepared to travel). For everyone else there's Gencant. This year, Carcassonne Central is recognising the Gencants among us thanks to this wonderful (and surprisingly addictive) challenge posed by Decar. The idea is simple: score as many points as you can in a single-player basic game (no expansions), then post a screenshot. 297 is the highest score seen so far, but I'm hoping someone will break the 300-point barrier before Gen Con ends on Sunday!

General\ Element(s) of the Week (weeks 39 - 46):
Whaleyland's Element of the Week series has now been going strong for almost a year. He has provided us with the opportunity to discuss no less than 46 different aspects of official Carcassonne expansions and there's still more to come! So find out what's hot, what's not, and what's merely lukewam by clicking on whichever link below takes your fancy...
Huge thanks to Whaleyland for his commitment to this series of discussions and for all the work he's put into keeping them running for the last 10 and a half months. Please do post any additional thoughts or comments on any of these topics if you feel like we've missed something or if you have something else to add; we're waiting to hear from you! ;)

Meet the Members\ ...
138 new members joined us here at Carcassonne Central over June/ July which is great news! It's always nice to know a little bit more about our members too, which is why it's such a good idea to post a short introduction or merely to say hello to everyone else via our Meet the Members forum, regardless of whether you've been a CarcC regular for days, weeks, months or even years! Here's what was posted by who in June/ July:
(you can also learn more about what craziness is behind some of the more (and less) bizarre nicknames by checking the What made you choose your nickname? ( thread :) )

Reviews & Session Reports\ The Adults Of Carcassonne game at the pub on a summer's eve (
We all miss Ted's carcassonneshoppe so it's nice to be reminded of it every now and again by posts such as this one by JT Atomico who was lucky enough to be able to spend an evening with friends at his local pub playing everyone's favourite drinking game: "The Adults of Carcassonne". Find out who won, who lost and who fell off the bench and had to be carried home afterwards, by having a read of this excellent session report.

Reviews & Session Reports\ 3 player 503 tiles game. (7,5 Hours) (
Despite never having attempted it myself, I've been around these forums for long enough now to have learnt that a game of Carcassonne with 503 tiles would require two key elements besides the tiles themselves and accompanying wood: time and table space. Apparently SRBO and his brothers had a lot of one of these, but not so much of the other. See for yourself what happened by reading his session report here.

The Marketplace\ Where to find it... (
As much as we might hate to admit it, most of us are Carcassonne collectors and completionists as much as we are Carcassonne players, and we all know how nice it feels to get hold of that special rare expansion, even if it never actually hits our tables! But why line the pockets of some greedy eBay seller in order to get it? Please check this post to see if what you're after can still be bought at a sensible price before contributing towards someone else's Ferrari fund...

Online Games and Competitions\ Order of the Meeple (
Following the completion of the recent Abbey & Mayor league, the Order of the Meeple now has a total of 14 members across 4 different membership levels (4 x :meeple:, 6 x :green-meeple:, 2 x :blue-meeple: and 2 x :red-meeple:) and is growing fast. If you're already a member, or if you'd like to become one, this is the place to go to find out what you need to do to attain that all-important next membership level...

Online Games and Competitions\ Leagues (including expansion leagues)\ Abbey & Mayor League: Groups D1 - D7 (
Our latest expansion league is now complete. Despite losing one player along the way, it was another successful tournament which taught many of us a thing or two about the Abbey & Mayor expansion. Jma03, Rosco and zone2 all topped their groups to finish in the top 3 overall and fought between themselves for the title, with zone2 emerging victorious by an incredibly narrow margin! Huge congratulations to him on his win, and to everyone else who took part in the competition.

Online Games and Competitions\ Leagues (including expansion leagues)\ A Welcome Tournament for New Members (
Try as we might to be as warm and friendly as possible, it isn't hard to imagine why newer forum members might be reluctant to take part in any of our online competitions as they don't realise how bad half of us really are! So, Decar has arranged a brand new tournament specifically for those who haven't taken part in one before... and this is it!

Online Games and Competitions\ Leagues (including expansion leagues)\ Last Meeple Standing: Volunteers Needed! (
As much as I enjoy a good league every now and again, there's something very macho and manly about "Danger Zones" and battling for survival; especially when it's applied to Carcassonne! This is very much a trial as we're still working out the exact rules as we go, but it's been a blast so far regardless of this, with plenty of upsets and surprises along the way.

Online Games and Competitions\ JCloisterZone FAQ, Suggestions & Bug Reports\ JCZ 3.3.0 (
Farin's been at it again, and is now up to version 3.3.0 of his incredible JCloisterZone game which is what makes online play possible for most of us here. This should be considered a trial version only, but please download it and give it a few plays, especially if you're able to provide any bug reports or feedback to him afterwards.

The Workshop\ Expansion Workshop\ The drunkard (
Those of us who prefer to play our favourite games socially rather than competitively (or have ever played The Adults of Carcassonne) will already be aware of the connection between Carcassonne and alcohol. But whether you have a celebratory shot every time you complete a feature, or prefer to drown your sorrows whenever an opponent gets yet another farmer onto your farm, there has never been a way of getting your meeples drunk... until now! :o

The Workshop\ Crafters' Guild\ Transparent meeples (
You can be forgiven for associating Ailurus with heavy, metalic meeples because of his incredible talents with pewter. However he's certainly not a one-trick pony as demonstrated by the photos in this post showing his extraordinary handiwork.

The Workshop\ Crafters' Guild\ Made my First Meeple (
In this post, Decar documents the process he went through recently when he made his own meeple moulds out of latex and then used these to cast a set of meeples in polymer clay. Check it out if this is something you might be interested in, and be sure to keep a spoon handy as you'll need one at almost every step of the way! :(y)

Carcassonne Player's Guide #7: "Splitters!"
I've heard the two ccff tiles with two separate city segments (each) called many things; I usually refer to them simply as "splitters". But regardless of their name, these are some of the most powerful/ useful tiles that the basic Carcassonne tile set has to offer, and they can be responsible for some fairly major upsets if drawn at the right time and used in the right way. When they're drawn is down to blind luck of course, for you or your opponent, but hopefully this article will be of some use in summarising some of the ways they can be used in order to help ensure you use them in the right way when it matters.

Let me start by pointing out that I can almost always find a use for this tile in my games of Carcassonne even if I don't rely on its special "splitting" ability and use it simply to complete a city or expand a farm. It's especially good for either purpose, but do be sure to place it out in the open if you're hoping to generate some farm points for yourself with it:

( ( (
Serving as a diagonal closer to complete the city (left), a simple city cap (middle) and to increase the value of a farm (right).

In the farm example above I've shown two potential placements and have chosen the "correct" location based on which has better potential for the additional cities to be completed (consider the unplaced cfrr tile to demonstrate this).

From a defensive perspective the main purpose of this tile is very clear. Maximum smugness can be achieved by using it to thwart an opponent's attempt to either steal or gain an equal share in a city belonging to you. This feels especially nice if it completes your city in the process, and is even better if it doesn't complete theirs or leaves their knight stranded in a difficult position. It isn't uncommon however that both cities are completed through placement of this tile, but you can usually retain an advantage from it by dropping a farmer on the field segment for a further 6 points (if you're prepared to sacrifice a meeple at this stage of the game).

( (
Red's attempt to share Blue's city ends in failure (left). And what's more, Red now needs 1 of the 3 crrf tiles to get his meeple back. Failure again for Red (right), but at least he gets 4 points and a meeple back this time. Blue however gets an additional 6 points by farming the 2 new cities.

Using this tile to attack is less obvious, but is still very easy to achieve unless your opponent has anticipated this and taken measures to protect his city (there are too many ways to do this for me to discuss here). The key to maximising your chances of success when attacking in this way is to leave the space for your intended joining tile as open as possible so that there are no adjacent edges on the other side. Let's consider the city shown below as our example:

( (
Red is trying to decide how best to make the most of this opportunity to get a knight into Blue's city (left). He chooses to place the tile at the top, hoping to draw a joining tile that will fit in the space below (right).

( (
Blue blocks Red's attack (left), making his city impossible to complete in the process since no ccfr tile exists in the basic game. They both lose a meeple, but this gives Blue a 9-point advantage in the final scoring. Red wishes he'd done this instead (right).

It mightn't seem too significant but the placement shown in the picture in the top-right of the four above is a mistake as, regardless of tiles shown in the example pictures there are a total of just 9 tiles (5 x ccff + 4 x cccf) that could join Red's knight into the city based on the unnecessarily specific gap he left. It is also very easily trapped, as shown in the bottom-left picture. The bottom-right picture shows a much better placement as the exact configuration of the required joining tile isn't so limited. There are a total of 18 potential joining tiles in this case (5 x ccff + 5 x ccrr + 4 x cccf + 3 x cccr + 1 x cccc) meaning he's twice as likely to succeed in getting his knight into the city.

Although we've gone back to basics for this tip, I hope you'll agree that it's good to consider some of the tactical decision-making process in combination with a little bit of tile knowledge to maximize your chances of success (and minimize those of your opponents). If you have any ideas for future tips or would like to write one yourself (please do!), have a look at our
Strategy Guide ( and post your suggestions there!

Member of the Month
When the idea of having a "Member of the Month" was first conceived, the point was that it would be awarded to newer members who have really hit the ground running by signing up and then launching themselves into the Carcassonne Central community with lots of posts and good ideas. It was intended to be a friendly pat on the back and a "Well done! Keep up the good work..." which is exactly what it was with the exception of a few wins by more seasoned (but equally deserving) members.

Whilst there are still as many worthy contenders now as there have always been though, one forum member in particular has been making the original intention particularly difficult to justify. Because despite having been around for longer than most of us, he's also been responsible for so many ideas, designs, expansions and other creations that it's making it increasingly difficult to name anyone else our Member of the Month in light of what he continues to achieve each and every month.

If you haven't guessed already, hopefully the following clues will help to eliminate any shadow of a doubt over who the latest recipient of our Member of the Month award is (click the thumbs if you need it spelled out for you ;)):

:(y) ( He's always keen to help other people grow their collections, and his own is fairly impressive too...

:(y) ( Regardless of whatever creation he's showing off, o ( ( ( ( are rarely far from view...

:(y) ( He certainly can see the wood for the trees. And the (little) forest...

:(y) ( Trying to get hold of some of his transparent meeples can be a bit of a lottery...

So even though it's long overdue, please join me in congratulating our newest Member of the Month, the one and only: quevy! Thank you so much for your friendliness, your generosity, your creativity and for everything else you do for so many of us here at Carcassonne Central! :green-meeple: :(y)

Carcassonne Knowledge Tester (CKT) #7: Saving the Best 'til Last
Please cast your mind back to half a year ago, as this was the last time I posed a Carcassonne Knowledge Tester. The challenge was a simple one; so simple in fact that I subconsciously tried to make it more difficult by posting an out-of-focus photo of the problem (but was probably too exhausted to care by that point). It was another Red-Blue clash, and your job was to calculate who scored what from a variety of farms. Obviously there were a few hurdles along the way, but these weren't too much for you were they? Let's get the ball rolling with a quick walk through what I propose to be the correct answer (but am prepared to admit otherwise if it transpires that this isn't the case): C:-)


There were 6 farms in total (claimed ones anyway): Blue had 2, Red had 3 and there was a shared farm in the middle. Blue's farms were [1] on the right (5 cities x 3 points = 15 points) and [2] at the bottom (2 cities x 3 points + 2 castles x 4 points = 14) for a sub-total of 29 points. Red's farms were [3] on the far-right (1 city x 3 points + 1 besieged city x 6 points = 9 points), [4] at the top (with pig: 3 cities x 4 points + 1 besieged city x 8 points = 20 points) and [5] on the far-left (1 city x 3 points + 1 castle x 4 points = 7 points) for a sub-total of 36 points.

The main farm [6] featured Blue's pig and the pig herd tile :@ which meant the 6 standard cities were worth 4 points each to Red (24 points) and 5 points each to Blue (30 points). The besieged city was an extra 8 points for Red and 10 points for Blue. Finally, the 2 castles were worth 5 points each to Red (10 points) and 6 points each to Blue (12 points). So, the sub-totals for this farm alone were 24 + 8 + 10 = 42 for Red and 30 + 10 + 12 = 52 for Blue. Overall then, the final scores were 29 + 52 = 81 for Blue and 36 + 42 = 78 for Red; a narrow win for Blue by just 3 points!  :blue-meeple: 8) :red-meeple: :'(

Congratulations to DLloyd09, Hounk and MrNumbers who all gave this one a crack, and especially to Hounk who was the first to come up with the correct answer (even before I did as it turned out :-[!) Well done guys, Good forYou!

Now, join me in the present again: it's August 2015, you are playing as Blue and are about to draw the final tile in a head-to-head game against Red. It's a relatively small game and includes just the basic tiles plus the Abbey & Mayor expansion, but you've also given yourselves 3 bridges and 3 castle tokens each just to liven things up a bit...

You haven't drawn your tile yet, but you've counted the tiles already in play and know that it will be a cfff tile (city on one side, field on the other three). Unfortunately you don't have any meeples at your disposal, but what you do have available is on display at the bottom of the playing area shown below from two perspectives so as to avoid any potential confusion:

( (

Your challenge is simply this: generate as many points for yourself as possible and PM me with your answer, and how you did it! Any points generated for Red in the process will be subtracted from your total score. Good luck!

Now it's time for some Carcassonne eye-candy with this quick round-up of a few of our most artistic offerings over the last few months. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drool, you'll wonder why you didn't think of doing the same thing years ago. Or you'll do none of those things and simply enjoy a quick glimpse of what other Carcassonne fanatics have been getting up to in their spare time...

(posted by Paul in General\
Carcassonne game fan arts and crafts (

(posted by jungleboy in General\
The adventures of the danisthirty-meeple (

(posted by Paul in General\
Carcassonne game fan arts and crafts (

(posted by kettlefish in General\
Carcassonne game fan arts and crafts (

(posted by Ailurus in The Workshop\ Crafters' Guild\
Transparent meeples (

Forum Statistics
One of my goals for Carcassonne Central has always been that there should be at least 1000 posts per month, and we've now been managing this consistently since last August; a full year! But whilst June and July have seemed like fairly quiet months at times, both were busier this year than they were on the forums in 2014 and it's obvious from the length of the Forum News section above that there was a lot going on!

New topics: 82 (June), 60 (July)
New posts: 1242 (June), 1487 (July)
New members: 80 (June), 72 (July)
Most online: 67 (June), 71 (July :(y) - new record!)
Page views: 260,407 (June), 296,241 (July)

Facebook ( fans
Twitter ( followers

Well done guys. You rock. O0

The Last Tile
Up until recently, uploading a file along with your post may have been tricky due to the 192kb size limit which is the equivalent of about 12 seconds of MP3 music. However, this has now been
increased to 512kb ( which provides an extra 20 seconds of listening time and should help to prevent any future difficulties with file uploads! Furthermore, you can now attach up to 6 files per post (rather than 4) as long as the total size of all files doesn't exceed 2048kb (2mb). If this still seems like too much of a squeeze you can of course include images in your posts "inline" (i.e. have them displayed within your post rather than as attachments at the bottom) by hosting the image files elsewhere and then linking to them from your post using the [img] tag. You can also use the width and height attributes within the [img] tag to control the dimensions of your image as it appears within your post. Quote a post that includes an inline image and check the quoted [img] tag if you're not sure how to use these.

You may also have noticed that some new meeple colours have joined us at Carcassonne Central thanks to quevy's artistic flare and Paul's technical wizardry. They're ready and raring to go now, so if you previously felt unable to fully express your feelings without the assistance of a purple (:violet-meeple:), pink (:pink-meeple:), orange (:orange-meeple:), white (:white-meeple:), brown (:brown-meeple:) or "unpainted" (:neutral-meeple:) meeple then get stuck in!

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading this newsletter. Please post below if you have any thoughts, suggestions or other feedback that you'd like to share with me and the wider community, or send me a PM (Private Message) if you prefer. Since my goal is to make this newsletter as fun and interesting as possible, I'd love for you to let me know how I'm doing. So until the next edition, thanks for reading, take care, stay in touch and keep it Carcassonne Central! :D

Dan :blue-meeple:
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: quevy on August 02, 2015, 02:30:43 AM
Newsletter truly substantial and well written. You mentioned many arguments very interesting, very long it takes to read it all.
Excellent as always strategic advice, I always learn something new to experience.

I am a member of the month, I am honored by this. Thanks a lot!!!  ;) :white-meeple:
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: kettlefish on August 02, 2015, 04:07:04 AM
Thanks danisthirty - as always the newsletter is great.

Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: Decar on August 02, 2015, 07:19:11 AM
An incredible review of the last 2 months (and a day).  With this much news I see little point in the remaining 10 months of the year.

Was the Expo really only 2 months ago? I'm looking forward to the First UK meetup; hopefully on the 31st October.

The splitters section is great - I also think these 2-tiles are great tiles for farm attachment.  The 'incorrect' splitter-tile placement, could serve two general purposes.  As blue, playing it now it makes it harder for Red to glom, ie: merging farms.  If Red already had a farmer in the north, it's a great way for them to join; which you show with blue; even if the cities never get completed.

Dan this newsletter is essentially a thesis - By the authority committed to me, I admit you to the degree of Doctor of Carcassonne Central (CCD)
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: Safari on August 02, 2015, 01:10:25 PM
Thanks for the great newsletter. I always enjoy reading it.

[answer to CKT removed]
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: danisthirty on August 02, 2015, 01:18:38 PM
Thanks for the great newsletter. I always enjoy reading it.

[answer to CKT removed]

Thanks for the comment Safari (and others!)

I've removed your answer to the CKT (but kept it elsewhere - don't worry) so as not to spoil the quiz for others who may happen upon your answer... ;)
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: Safari on August 02, 2015, 01:28:15 PM
Thanks for the great newsletter. I always enjoy reading it.

[answer to CKT removed]

Thanks for the comment Safari (and others!)

I've removed your answer to the CKT (but kept it elsewhere - don't worry) so as not to spoil the quiz for others who may happen upon your answer... ;)
Thank you Dan! I wondered if it was a nice thing to spoil the others with my suggestion or not, but couldn't find any spoiler function to hide it.
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: danisthirty on August 03, 2015, 12:14:01 AM
The splitters section is great - I also think these 2-tiles are great tiles for farm attachment.  The 'incorrect' splitter-tile placement, could serve two general purposes.  As blue, playing it now it makes it harder for Red to glom, ie: merging farms.  If Red already had a farmer in the north, it's a great way for them to join; which you show with blue; even if the cities never get completed.

Thanks Decar! You're quite right of course about the Splitters section, and that my suggested placement as a means to extend a farm is defensively weaker. There was a lot I wanted to include in this section though, including some more around this, but it grew out of hand very quickly. In the end I had to cut it down quite heavily but I might include the full version in a post under the Strategy Guide.
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: franks on August 03, 2015, 10:03:01 AM
Thanks for the newsletter! It is such a great read!!!
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: toastytoast on August 04, 2015, 01:59:17 AM
Great read as always! :(y)

Ah the splitter tile - it is rather satisfying to cull a potential city-takeover with it :)
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: Hounk on August 04, 2015, 01:42:54 PM
I also really enjoyed the read! :(y)
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: MrNumbers on August 05, 2015, 12:53:34 AM
Very enjoyable read! Are you sure you didn't want to be a journalist? ;)
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: danisthirty on August 05, 2015, 01:06:46 AM
Very enjoyable read! Are you sure you didn't want to be a journalist? ;)

Thanks MrNumbers. If I was good enough at it I would have loved to have been a writer!
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: Decar on August 05, 2015, 01:43:55 AM
I see you more of a 'Around the World' Travel writer  ^-^
Title: Re: Carcassonne Central News #7 - June/ July 2015
Post by: Ailurus on August 09, 2015, 12:29:58 PM
Excellent overview Dan! Thanks a lot for writing it. Oh, I like the CKT :)). Love the art, especially the tiles made of fused beads and the book stands!