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Title: RGG "Princess" rule change a case of wrong trsl. or established for "retheming"
Post by: Hounk on July 09, 2015, 01:30:40 AM
This is something, which bothered me for some time now. I think, there had been some rule alterations simply because the translation was a mess. But theme wise the fact, that the "Princess" in the German version can remove a knight, while in the English this is a must actually makes sense.

Keep in mind, that the "Princess" original is a "Burgfräulein", so a lady of lower nobility then a princess, who, when got engaged, most likely would have married a knight. So, when a medieval knight left his position for her, it would have been an erotic adventure, that might happen, but not necessarily would. It needed two persons willingly doing it. But when a princess came to town, her daddy, the king, would have most likely ordered some protection for her. So a knight leaving his post actually would not have doing so in a case of subordinating his duty, but rather be obligatory reassigned to a new work.

Of course, Carcassonne was always a game, which put more concerns in game mechanics and enjoyment of game play then the theme. Theme wise it makes no sense, that you have followers either as monk, knight or thieve, that a "football" or even 6 point city has the same demand for farming products as a 50+ cathedral city, ect. And I think, the HiG rules play better, give more tactical options and make therefore more sense. Nevertheless, is there any indication, that that was the initial purpose for this particular alteration?